When REZQ was incorporated by the algorithm administering the head company of its corporate group, it immediately, aggressively, acquired and dissolved the courier company DLIVRI–mainly for easy access to a Salient-compliant, FTL-enabled fleet of cargo ships (ripe for conversion to REZQ recovery vessels); vacuum cutters; space-able staff; and, most importantly, a huge list of customers. And, along with those things, they also inherited the courier company’s manifest of undelivered parcels. In order to salve shareholder worries about potential liabilities for those items held in limbo–even though insurance would likely take care of it, and anyone who couldn’t afford insurance could basically go to hell anyway–the takeover included a tweak to REZQ’s branding that styled them partly as a courier company.

“REZQ Recovery and Courier Logistics”, though, don’t really do much with their parcels. When DLIVRI was acquired, the highly idiosyncratic package manifest system the courier company had developed was unable to export the data that matched packages to customers. So, in practice, this means that REZQ ships tend to have a lot of unclaimed parcels and packages lying around which technically still belong to somebody. And as nobody ever did the work of either a) establishing a process for matching those parcels to their destinations, b) actually delivering them (as the REZQ vessels are hugely oversubscribed already just on recovery callouts, which pay far better) or c) determining what work would be necessary to clear keeping or selling the packages, they remain in perpetual transit, largely forbidden to be touched by employees.

Some things are really not meant to be abandoned in transit, though. Like cryogenically-dormant lab-engineered experimental creatures designed to aid interrogation for the purposes of corporate espionage by the emission of psychotropic disinhibiting hormones and the microscopic reading of paralinguistic cues. Especially if the cryogenics cell on the transit unit only has a relatively short shelf life. Especially if the fumes from PHOME tend to make the creature aggressive.