[Note included with package couriered to Angel Fish]

Dear REZQ Family Member (Peripatetic Frontine Support Team)

Please find enclosed this period’s company-supplied Festive Holiday Celebration Kit, with a retro-style plastic “christmas card”, Celebratory Refreshments including a can of SHARP PAIN EXTREME FESTIVE BEER*, pellets of turkey and cranberry flavoured gum, and an on-brand high-visibility festive cracker (which in turn contains a high-visibility synthetic paper crown).

We have provided a sample of SHARP PAIN EXTREME FESTIVE BEER to ensure your team’s festive break period is marked with adequate enthusiasm, in line with our company vision and brand development guidelines. Correspondingly, REZQ Family Members are expected to produce adequate image records to be shared with the REZQ corporate marketing team for potential promotional use. Any photographic records (e.g. “selfies”) must both embody and encourage an appropriate Sentiment, so it is advisable that you use this intoxicating beverage to lower your inhibitions to a level that will allow a convincing display of enjoyment in promotional images. Please note that REZQ Family Members are only permitted to consume Celebratory Refreshments produced by companies in REZQ’s corporate group, and only according to your nutritional profile.

Please also remain aware of your latest Festive Period Addendum to your Expenditure Profile: company-wide targets mandate your participation in minimum purchase targets of eligible corporate group products within the Festive Period (the specific boundaries of your Festive Period are mutable and will be denoted by your vessel’s calendar management program).

*Cost of SHARP PAIN EXTREME FESTIVE BEER is deducted from REZQ Family Members’ invoiced payments and/or added to your Running Balance as appropriate. Receipt of this Seasonal Gift is mandatory whether consumed or not, and is non refundable.