One of the Deep Space Recovery Vessels owned by REZQ Deep Space Recovery and Courier Logistics, Thom’s employers–and Thom’s de facto home.

Its previous purpose was as a cargo vessel for a courier company, but now it’s been crammed with lowest bidder rescue technology and had a shiny orange carapace slapped over the hull.

With a lot of its old equipment torn out and sold, and nothing to replace it, the ship is a dirty, empty, gaping maw of a vessel. Cavernous hangar-like rooms are interspersed with storage chambers filled with old packages left in limbo from the sale of the courier business. A hacked inventory AI runs the ship’s systems, with ham-fisted automation completely overrun by the insane crew-management system slapped on top of it, and a single employee taking the place of the extensive crew that really should be living on, running, and maintaining a vessel of this size.

The subcontractor responsible for naming the ship called it Angel Fish. From the shape and colourway of the vessel, what they clearly meant was “Clown Fish”. It was too late and too expensive to correct this by the time the craft’s registration had been completed and all the promotional material had been printed. In any case, Thom does not call it either of these things.