Docking Angel Fish with other vessels isn’t usually an option. Its ridiculous smooth orange carapace, slapped on in its hurried rebranding, obscures most of the obvious docking points that it used to have. Though, in any case, as a result of multifaceted format war that ended in stalemate, and the countless proprietary docking collars that different ships might have, it’s often not possible to bring together two ships even if their docking portals are both accessible and functional.

And for all that the Landirex Evasleev is a fantastic bit of boutique voidwear, it does not come with any kind of propulsion system as standard (it’s an optional extra that REZQ did not spring for).  There are personal microgravity propulsion packs dotted around Angel Fishbut a lot of them either don’t work or require fuel that is often out of Thom’s price range to acquire. Oh, there are all kinds of other solutions, sure — braided alloy or polygraphene tethers between the two vessels, for one. But most of the tethers left aboard the ship are far too short (can’t risk getting the ships close enough together to use them) or so fatigued that they would snap at the slightest tension.

So, this lack of a personal propulsion unit can necessitate the more-than-occasional decision to take a risky leap from one vessel to another. Not something Thom is a fan of doing, but what else are you supposed to do?